8 Steps to Natural Immunization

A band of brothers from the Kosovar Refugee Camp in Macedonia – May 1999

People often ask me if I got the COVID Vaccine. I had volunteered to give the vaccines to those in my community. While there I had the opportunity to also receive the vaccine – I accepted.  But is all hopeless if we don’t get the vaccine?

The simple answer is no. The complex answer is that there are many ways to protect ourselves from disease and virus. Additionally, if we get a virus, we can prepare our bodies to fight off the harmful and potentially detrimental effects.

Just as our country trains soldiers and practices strategic warfare exercises, we too should prepare our bodies to fight. Our best defense is a good offense. What are the things we should do each day to get our bodies ready?

The simple things that we have all read repeatedly but often ignore are important towards keeping our bodies in optimal condition:

  1. Fresh air
  2. Daily exercise
  3. Sunshine
  4. Sleep
  5. Eating healthy
  6. Finding pleasure
  7. Loving others
  8. Lending a helping hand

The first things on the list seem easy but are often the most difficult. We can always find ways to avoid exercise, but it is proven to give us energy and help our bodies fight off many harmful diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Find something you enjoy doing and just get moving.

And, when it comes to food choices, our western fast-food diet is detrimental to our best health outcomes. We need the vitamins and nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables. However, it is the last things on the list that seem hard but are very easy and addictive once we start doing them.

Find things that give you pleasure – a reason to wake up happy – every day. Enjoyment in the small things can lead to big health rewards. And, through my years of service I have found that when you help others, you just feel good. Make helping and giving of yourself a regular practice and watch your whole outlook on life improve.

The best advice is to consult your doctor to find the best solution for your body.

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