Dr. Chuck and Timmy Global Health

Timmy Global Health was founded in 1997 by Dr. Charles (Chuck) Dietzen, a pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. After working in a number of international settings, including with Mother Teresa, Dr. Chuck was inspired to serve more communities by engaging the next generation of healthcare leaders. The organization was named after Dr. Chuck’s brother Timmy, who passed away in his infancy. The organization is a legacy to both Dr. Chuck’s brother and family, as well as a tribute to all the patients around the world that deserve quality healthcare.

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Dr. Chuck has served patients in 27 countries and worked to develop health care in 30 countries.

“The Timmy Takedown is one of my favorite events. Children have been entering the ring to win their title match over Dr. Doom and Cargo for 20 years.

The Timmy Takedown has always been a great event, I might even enjoy it more than the kids who are always the winners. Taking the event international has always been on my bucket list. A little good can go a long way for the people of Queretaro, Mexico and it was a blast helping them host this event and our first International Timmy Takedown.” Dr. Chuck

“Through Timmy Global Health, I have had the privilege of working with the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta. They have officially named me Chief of Light of the Bane Village. I am also honored to have Chief Dr. Chuck Dietzen Avenue in Bodo City, and the Timmy Global Health House at Bebor Model School Bodo section, Bodo City, Ogoni, Rivers State, Nigeria.” Dr. Chuck

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